About Our Agency

We are a professional Insurance & Risk Consulting and Brokerage firm, having specialties in the following areas:

    Business Start-ups and Spin-offs
    Mergers & Acquisitions: Planning and Execution

Our most rewarding work over the past several years has been managing the safe and efficient movement of clientele from fully insured, “guaranteed cost” insurance environments to varying levels of medical plan self-insurance.

We are a licensed Property & Casualty and Employee Benefits Broker Agent, providing seamless access to Property & Liability markets in areas such as Workers’ Compensation and Professional Liability (E&O) insurance. Our expertise extends to Executive Buy/Sell Arrangements & Key Person Insurance, as well as Retirement programs.

We work in national & international marketplaces that include Canada, Europe, South America, Malaysia and China (via the World Broker Network).


We have sat on the Boards of the Los Angeles IIABA, are members of NALU, CAHU, LAAHU and the EBPA of Southern California. We hold active Life & Fire/Casualty Broker Agent Licenses in many different states including California, Washington, Michigan, Hawaii, and Colorado.


We have been active in the commercial insurance industry since 1981 in varying Sales, Consultative and Management roles.

Our Method:

Generally we acquire our business by client and broker referral. We will make available a client reference list consisting of satisfied CEOs, CFOs and Human Resources Officers.

A comprehensive, confidential account review is usually our first step. We review for gaps or overlaps in insurance coverage, and under-insurance. We will also find instances of over-insurance and sometimes even duplicate coverage during the course of our review.